Boundless | Deep Delta 2Hz | 528Hz Tuning | Binaural Beats Soundscape | Deep Healing Sleep

This ambient, deep sleep soundscape uses a 2 Hz binaural beat and is tuned to C528/A444.
The lowest frequencies, delta waves are less than 4 Hz and occur in deep sleep. Delta waves are increased in order to decrease our awareness of the physical world and access information in our unconscious mind. One way to look at Delta is to imagine you are driving in a car and you shift into 1st gear….you’re not going to get anywhere very fast. So Delta would represent 1st gear.

Delta subjective feeling states: deep, dreamless sleep, non-REM sleep, trance, unconscious

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We make music for the YOU age, creating healing music and soundscapes for all walks of life. Sound is soul, it calls you to remember your natural state: one of peace, relaxation, better sleep, creative flow, focus, and inner peace.


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? Sound frequency and music therapy are wonderful and effective healing modalities, however they are not intended to fully replace professional medical or counseling advice. If you are experiencing a mental or physical illness, always seek help from a trusted therapist or doctor.

? May this music bring you peace, healing, and happiness.


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