– Folding Space – Generative Modular Ambient // 4 Hour Relaxation

A mostly unattended generative piece on the eurorack, just letting this one run.

This patch only uses 4 main voices. 4ms Ensemble (Vangelis brass), MI Plaits (Synth parts), 2xAcid Rain Chainsaws (Bass and partial chords). Plus, a loop via Lubadh (improvised recording from Wavestate) and the background noise/traffic sample.

Patch Notes:

Main clock from Pamela’s New Workout, into Ladik R-110 for the random trigs/gates which are essential to this patch.

(Synth voice – Plaits)Trig 1 goes through a Ladik S-090 Skipper at around 60%, which also is being CV modulated via Modbox with a very slow LFO. Trig 1 is then sent to Sinfonion Arp Clock input, which is also copied out to Delta V envelope generator slow atk/decay (decay modulated gently via one of Ochd’s outputs). This envelope controls Plaits output via the built into VCA in Delta V. Sinfonion Arp 1v/Oct Out goes into Plaits (arp set to either random or Brownian). Plaits Timbre is modulated via URA A-Out, Harm by B-Out, and Morph by another channel of Ochd. Plaits also receives fast sine LFO FM for vibrato. Plaits then goes through Belgrad, with v/oct modulated by second channel of Delta V 50%atk, 50%dcy (same Trig 1 activates it), which is also copied to Ochd CV input to modulated Ochd speed everytime the envelope is triggered. Belgrad set to 6th filter, FM on, 60% resonance. Span modulated via slow LFO of Ochd, and FM modulated by fast LFO of Ochd.

(Vangelis lead – 4ms Ensemble) Gate1 from Ladik R-110 into Skipper set around 50% (CV modulated) via slow LFO from Modbox. Output from Skipper goes to Quadigy channel 1 and copied to Trig input on RndStep, copied again to Time Warp Gate input. Quadigy Ch.1 Envelope to Tallin linear input, slow attack/decay. Input into Tallin 4ms Ensemble Out B, Balance set to 70%, Twist, Warp and Cross FM all at 0%. Twist opens up via Ch.2 of Quadigy which is tied to Ch.1’s trigger, and also has a slow atk/decay for the synth swell. RndStep Bipolar output (attentuated) goes to Ch.3 on Sinfonion, with Ch.3 Sin output going into Time Warp (for Slew), out from Time Warp into 4ms Ensemble 1v/oct input.

(Chainsaw Bass) Ch.1 Output from Sinfonion provides notes, into Chainsaw 1v/oct input. Chainsaw then into Freak filter (Steiner-Parker model), cutoff modulated via Ch. 4 of Quadigy which is triggered by PNW very slow/divided pulse into Skipper.

(Chainsaw 2-note chords) Sinfonion chord Out 1 and Out 3 to second Chainsaw, then out to dual Cinnamon filters set to low-pass, with soft/slow LFO over cutoff via Batumi.

(Sinfonion Key Change) Sinfonion song set to just two steps = E7 to A Major. In1 on Sinfonion set to advance through steps via Trig. Trig comes from PNW slow/heavily divided gate into another Skipper, then to Sinfonion.

Lubadh plays back improvised recording from the Wavestate.

My rack on Modular Grid (updated on 6/12/20): https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1138978

Recorded direct to DAW

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