Jarrod Cagwin Soundscape Series, Solo Excerpt #2

This second short clip, dynamically featuring the cymbals, exhibits the extreme dryness of the Atacama line (20″ Precision Flat Ride and 14″ Arid Crash). Complementing this pair are the trio of small Satellites of 9″, 10″, and 11″, which when combined with the Atacama add a unique, crisp, and clear staccato quality to the complete set. Accompanying these cymbals can be heard the effect of the Snake cymbals (21″ ride, 12″, & 13″ hi-hats) , providing a legato rattle affect over all. The dramatic low end frequencies can be felt from the 22″ Karaburan China and 18″, 20″, and 22″ Water Cymbals, surrounding me on both right and left sides low and to the rear. For energetic shimmer I have mounted on top of the 14′ crash and 20″ ride the 6″ Gamma Splash and 7″ Löß Splash.

More info can be found on my website: www.jarrodcagwin.net

also at www.turkishcymbals.com

and www.cymballand.com

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