God Loves Me affirmations spoken over ASMR soundscape by Bo Westcott

These personal affirmations are intended to build a supportive, positive, prospering, relationship with Source/God. They are spoken over rhythmic acoustic sounds within the ASMR range.

God has nothing to do with religion. God is both personal and Universal, both immanent and transcendent. God is Divine Love. We are made of God and everything around us is made of the ‘substance’ of God.
We can choose to see God in It’s/Her/His personal aspect and develop a relationship, even though, technically it is a relationship with our Divine Inner Self. No biggie. We can ‘reset’ our relationship to life by realising that this great Source actually loves, and cares for us personally and completely unconditionally. All that pain caused by broken people in our lives (and by our own brokeness) can be dissolved by experiencing the wholeness that feeling deeply, unconditionally loved by God. There is NO judgement, only understanding and forgiveness. And that can give US the ability to forgive and love unconditionally.
Like any relationship, it takes time, attention and patience to open the channels to receive what God is continually offering us….EVERY GOOD THING!
Our beliefs and expectations regarding life often cause us distress, for what or who can live up to our often extreme and pear-shaped expectations!? If we can develop a POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE belief in and relationship with the God of our understanding, we will find that our expectations will barely reach the great GOOD that is just waiting to be poured out into our bodies, beings, worlds and lives. We will TRUST life, and lovingly make forgiving space for others who fall short of our expectations including past concepts of God, lovers, parents, children, human governments, etc.
Every kind of Good you can imagine, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, JOY, BEAUTY, PEACE, HARMONY, FULFILLMENT, CREATIVITY, is ours by Divine Right, NOW! Every sentient being has these rights,, NOW.
By aligning with wonderful, positive beliefs in God, we can disengage from the large pools of negativity that we may have unwittingly become enmeshed in through thoughts, actions and beliefs (even though they are illusory, they seem as real as a nightmare until we ‘wake up’).
Life IS meant to be wonderful and creative, and CAN be.

May you be guided to the clear path to your Greatest Good, blessed by the Infinite Love of God.
Your wildest dreams are already true…may they come to pass NOW…under God’s Grace and in God’s Perfect Ways.

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