24/7 In An Exclusive Luxury Miami Condo | Heavy Rain & Thunder | Rain On Window

This is a reupoload of my miami live stream that stopped 🙁 Why not spend the night in this luxury Condo, this is a cozy bedroom condominium scene, luxurious but still cozy, feel like spending time in a beautiful, expensive opulent condo, this won’t cost you a thing staying here, maybe a bit of internet bandwidth. Sleep to the sounds of torrential rain and thunder, leave the balcony door open to listen to the rain and thunder. With some very subtle city sounds to go with the heavy thunderstorm. I have put some lights animating on the buildings in the background. The rain in this video is meant to be a heavy tropical downpour, the glazed door to the balcony is deliberately left open to let the sound of the rain into the room.

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Sleep well & Stay Safe everyone

Ambient Renders

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