OB-Xtreme 2.0.1 Release is OUT

Available for Mac & PC at https://www.alyjameslab.com
Original mix in better quality at soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/9rGLm
Full ob-xtreme sound tracks playlist : https://on.soundcloud.com/11vKS

– Cross Platform 64bit capability (Windows VST3 and Mac AU(Audiounit).

– 8 voices poly or mono unison with per voice PAN control and global stereo widening control, can also turn into real (one voice) mono or act as polyphonic unison (8×8).

– Most of OB-X/OB-Xa analog synths functions added (OSC shapes, X-MOD, F-ENV, SYNC etc) on top of new modulation routing.

– Enhanced oscillators spectrum and filter modes (2Pole/4Pole Low Pass and 2Pole Band Pass) based on OB 2pole SVF and CEM 3320 24Db, 4Pole can have an optional volume compensation.

– Accurate SAW + PULSE OSC mixing (can produce +1 octave harmonic depending on the pulse width).

– Up to x32 oversampling.

– POST and PRE OTA (CA3080 chip used for VCA, Filter and Output Stage) variable distortion (Xtreme factor) with bypass.

– x8 Voice cards voltage offsets and deviation can now be controlled easily by seven macro controls, optional random propagation and real-time deviation (per note).

– Legacy modes for Filter modulation and EG/VCA shapes to match V1 sounds and behavior if needed, the default envelope/VCA behavior is the CEM3310/CA3080 combo (Linear VCA and exponential envelopes) while the legacy mode can be used for more snappy sounds (using an ultra exp VCA response).

– Vibrato LFO, original LFO + additional LFO 2, Phase reverse option mode for LFO 1 & 2 (card 1,3,5,7) got phase reversed modulations, can also invert Keytracking.
LFOs have gate re-triggering option, SINE, RAMP, PULSE, SAW, TRI, S&H and Noise shapes, LFO2 can be BPM synced or act as a one-shot ramp (up or down) envelope.

– LFOs can be set to single: one LFO on the main board for all voice cards or to multi: one LFO per card.

– Sustain pedal can act normally or use the OB Mode (sustain like piano) controllable Envelope Release offset.

– OB-X (light mode) or OB-Xa (dark mode) changeable skins.
More info at the product page…

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