Logic Pro X 400: Xtreme Sound Design – 1. Xtreme Sound Design in Logic

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Logic Pro X 400: Xtreme Sound Design by Bill Burgess
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Bill cant help it. He just likes to use software in ways that other folks dont! And Logic Pro X is the perfect application for his audio antics! In this 24-tutorial adventure, Bill shows you his unique take on Xtreme Sound Design.

You learn how to use Logics Flex Tool to the point of audio obfuscation. See different ways to deploy and enjoy the little-known Speed Fade tool. Dive into Apple Loops and see how layering, offsetting and modality changes will turn the mundane into the extraterrestrial!

You also get Bills unusual approach to EQ, spatial relationships and the reclusive Binaural Panner. He concludes this course with what he calls his Ultimate Weapon: Logic Pro Xs Space Designer. Beware: Its not just a reverberator!

So be prepared to be blown away by the fun, inventive and off-the-cuff training style by Apple Logic Pro guru, Bill Burgess. We promise that youll never look at LPX the same way again!
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