Disclaimer: This recording should not be used as a substitute for any medical care you may be receiving. You should always refer to a doctor when necessary. Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery, only listen in a place where you can relax and let go.

I am beautiful
I am my ideal body type
Clothing looks amazing on me
My skin is super clear
I only attract positive attention
I look younger and younger everyday
I exude confidence
My natural hair is long, thick and healthy
I always look put together perfectly
I have glowing, moisturized, clear, smooth skin
All negative energy sent my way is transmuted into luck, abundance, light, and positive energy
All evil eye sent my way is transmuted into positive physical abundance, positive health abundance, and positive beauty abundance
I am safe from all negative attacks towards my beauty, health, wealth, ernergy, stability, safety, relationships, opportunities, and career.
My teeth are perfect
I attract money effortlessly
Money chases me
I am immune from cavities
My breath smells amazing
I always smell amazing
My skin is moisturized, glowing, clear, and soft
My lips are plump
My nose is my ideal size and shape
I am immune from biting my lips and cheeks
My eyes, lips, and nose are beautiful
My eyebrows are perfect
I am graceful
I have an amazing facial bone structure
My voice is mesmerizing
My nails look perfect
I have a beautiful head shape, eye shape, nose shape, lip shape, and body shape.
I am protected from jealousy, envy, danger, harm, and hatred.
I am immune from feeling jealousy towards others

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