Power Bomberman: Xtreme Bomber Cup – GROUP PHASE Part 2

Today, we’ll showcase you some of the many battles recorded thus far.
Battle List:

Group A:
A1 Meléka VS. A6 Ezelonel2
A2 Rex-Bomb VS. A5 Revenge
A3 Moonbeam VS. A5 Revenge

Group B:
B1 JúlioCesar2005 VS. B5 GabrielStar777
B2 Dv2 VS. B3 Blast

Group E:
E1 Ligeirinho ’93 VS. E3 Fisel
E1 Ligeirinho ’93 VS. E5 Ratchet

Group F:
F1 Qualna VS. F4 Daniel

Xtreme Bombers Cup Discord (registrations for tournament closed):

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